Going Green

Here at David Richards, like many other industries, we are starting to pick up steam in going green. From recycling paper to using soy ink, smart printing companies are starting to realise the benefits of going green. We take the issue of the environment very seriously! The environmental awareness and education of both our employees and that of our suppliers and clients is seen to be of critical importance, creating a virtuous circle of continuous improvement and feedback.

Reductions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), substitution of toxic substances with greener chemicals, and elimination of some processes altogether, are helping our clients reduce there carbon footprint.

David Richards will also help identify ways in which individual jobs can be made more environmentally friendly making recommendations where necessary. We believe that such small and easily achievable steps, all contribute to the overall good of the environment.

Recycling of all ink or using soy based inks is another way to be green with your printing. We recycle all press solutions and plates used in the printing process. David Richards is committed to the preservation of the environment and compliance with Environmental legislation.

It is the aim of our green Policy that in all our business dealings we act in an environmentally responsible manner. We identify principles and responsibilities for managing environmental issues, and aims to contribute over the long term by ensuring:

  • Continual improvement through its documented objectives and targets to reduce waste and prevent pollution
  • Reducing the consumption of energy and other consumable products such as paper, inks, plastic & cardboard etc used for packaging
  • Reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill
  • Operations (logistics and infrastructure) are subject to and must be conducted in compliance with our green policy

The Implementation of our Green Policy is a process of continuous improvement, and many goals have already been achieved, all areas are continually evaluated for environmental sustainability.